Custom Commercial Wood Production – we can cut, angle, drill, taper, mortise & tenon any species you need. Supply us with your technical drawings and we’ll provide you with a wood product made to your exact specifications. From historic building replicas to countless other made-to-order requests we manufacture custom commercial wood products and components. Call us to discuss your project and requirements. Aguilar Lumber has the design expertise and the manufacturing knowledge to manufacture the Commercial Wood Products you need for your project.

Mortise & Tenon Wood

Driving in the wedges forces the tenon to flare into a fan or dovetail shape. The mortise is tapered to match the angle of each wedge. Like a dovetail, this joint can’t pull apart after the wedges are driven. We can cut a wedged joint for any joint that receives a lot of stress.

​Aguilar Lumber Treatments

Treatments for our wood products include: ACQ, CCA, CA, MCQ, MCA, ACZA, Borate, Copper Naphnthenate, Creosote, and Pentachorophenol.

Cut, Drill, Angle, Taper Wood

See our Featured Projects Page for some examples of our custom work. We have helped reconstruct historic buildings with reclaimed wood products recreating wood siding, frames, trusses and poles from the same wood the original buildings were made from including the age of the wood.

In the WWI Hangar Project we supplied #1 grade southern yellow pine built to customers specifications, engineered, built, and installed whole structure. Supplied all the windows and cypress wood siding as well.