Aguilar Lumber supplies treated and untreated wood poles and pilings for projects across the nation. We ship poles and pilings directly to your job site. Our poles can range from class 4 through H5. And the length of our wood poles start at 20 feet and can be as large as 135 feet. Our wood pilings range from 8″ butt to 20″ butts. We supply both class A & B (ASTM-D25) specifications, and range in lengths from 10 feet to 90 feet. 

Pilings for Marine and Shoreline require different wood treatments CCA, ACQ, and Creosote. Poles and pilings used for ranch and farm projects have environmentally safe treatments like CA, ACQ and Borate. We, at Apache Forest Products have the experience to provide you with the best products for your project. Call us today at (407) 963-5799 for poles and pilings. We have Competitive Pricing and Excellent Service.